Experienced Investigators.
Streamlined Process.
Proven Performance.

With sites across the country today, CRN is one of the largest alliances of clinical trial research sites in the US.

Clinical Trial Research

CRN provides a comprehensive solution from start to finish, providing site identification, administrative services such as a single budget and contract and a cohesive enrollment strategy by our member sites.

CRN investigators through years of training and enrolling in thousands of studies ensure our sites exceed industry standards. Having experienced investigator and study staff is one of the value-added services CRN provides on your project.

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CRN Sponsor's goals

35+ Sites


Founded in 1993

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Thousands of studies

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18 States

Founded in 1993, CRN is an investigator-owned network of clinical research sites.

When you partner with CRN, you gain access to our large and efficient network. We offer our partners a convenient solution for expedited site identification and study start-up, including the efficiencies of a single contract, a single budget and one point of contact.

Members of CRN are thought leaders in our sub-specialties and widely recognized for performance in clinical research trials. We are unique in the industry. We forge partnerships with sponsors and our focus is on the conduct of on time, high-quality Phase I – IV clinical trials and drug and device trials in both adult and pediatric patients.

CRN is not a SMO (Site Management Organization) or CRO (Clinical Research Organization). Rather it is a collaborative group of individual research sites dedicated to quality and performance… (read more about crn)

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Our mission is to enhance the quality of trials by partnering with and providing you with forward-thinking, cost-effective methods combined with performance driven clinical sites known for being on the cutting edge while maintaining the highest level of quality of research in the 21st Century.