An Overview of Our Services

Centralized Study Administration
What CRN provides is one budget, one contract and one point of contact. Serving as a central point of contact for the network saves clients time and resources by streamlining information to our sites. This allows site identification, feasibility and study start-up to occur at an accelerated pace.

GCP Trained PI and site personnel
Each site has a dedicated research staff consisting of highly trained, board-certified investigators, study coordinators, patient recruiters, and support staff.

Fast & Easy Feasibility Determination
Start up time is critical to the success of a clinical trial. Sponsors benefit from our large network and efficient management. CRN’s ability to quickly identify the right sites in our network for sponsors allows a clinical trial to begin without delay. Facilitation of rapid site activation saves time and reduces costs.

Aggressive Recruitment and Retention
With 500,000 patients and continuous recruitment throughout our network, CRN is able to rapidly enroll a study with the required demographics. CRN sets itself apart with a proven record of success; sponsor trials are conducted on time and fully enrolled with the right subjects for the right study.

Centralized Invoicing and Payments
Our highly trained and efficient staff delivers exceptional levels of service completed with the utmost professionalism and provide sponsors with reliable, quality data.

Quality Assurance
All our physicians are board certified. We are compliant with SOPs, HIPPA and research specific requirements. Facilities and equipment are state of the art and meet the requirements of today’s demanding studies.

Disclaimer: CRN Clinical Research Network, facilitates the execution of a contract between the clinical investigator and the sponsor. CRN is not a CRO or an SMO because it does not assume any legal responsibilities of the sponsor or the clinical investigator. 2011 CRN Clinical Research Network, llc.