CRN Website Design and Content Makeover Proposal


Enhance CRN’s online presence to improve SEO and effectively target key audiences, specifically CROs, MSLs, and other respiratory-related professionals.

Current Opportunities

Targeted Content Enhancement

  • Expand content to focus more on respiratory-related studies and target audiences like CROs and MSLs.
  • Add detailed information tailored to specific groups.

SEO Optimization

  • Implement a robust keyword strategy.
  • Introduce diverse content types, such as blogs and case studies, to enhance visibility.

User Experience Improvements

  • Further enhance the intuitive nature of the site navigation.
  • Increase engagement with richer, more in-depth content.

Proposed Solutions

Website Redesign

  • Modern, clean design with a fully responsive layout.

Content Overhaul

  • Create specific landing pages for CROs, MSLs, pulmonologists, allergists, respiratory therapists, etc.
  • Include detailed descriptions of services, expertise, and benefits tailored to each target group.
  • Implement keyword-rich content for respiratory clinical trials, asthma research, COPD studies, etc.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Improved navigation with a clear menu structure and easy access to key pages.
  • Engaging content formats: blog section, case studies, testimonials.

Technical SEO Improvements

  • Optimize all pages with relevant meta tags and descriptions.
  • Improve internal linking structure to enhance navigation and SEO.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Strategy

  • Place prominent CTAs throughout the website to encourage inquiries and collaborations.
  • Simplify contact forms for easier user engagement.

Content Examples

Landing Page for CROs

Header: “Partner with CRN for Superior Clinical Trial Management”

Body: “CRN offers unparalleled expertise in respiratory clinical trials, from patient recruitment to data management. Discover how our network can enhance your research outcomes.”

CTA: “Learn More About Our Services”

Landing Page for MSLs

Header: “Connecting Science and Innovation with CRN”

Body: “As a Medical Science Liaison, collaborate with CRN to bring cutting-edge respiratory treatments to market. Our comprehensive support ensures effective trial execution.”

CTA: “Join Our Network”

Blog Post Example

Title: “The Future of COPD Treatments: Insights from Recent Clinical Trials”

Body: “Explore the latest advancements in COPD treatments, as CRN leads innovative clinical trials to improve patient outcomes. Stay informed about new therapies and their impact.”

Implementation Timeline

  • Phase 1 (1-2 Months): Planning and strategy development, including SEO research and content planning.
  • Phase 2 (2-4 Months): Design and development of the new website, content creation, and SEO implementation.
  • Phase 3 (4-5 Months): Testing, optimization, and launch.
  • Phase 4 (Ongoing): Post-launch support, content updates, and SEO monitoring.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved search engine rankings for respiratory-related keywords.
  • Increased website traffic from target audiences.
  • Enhanced user engagement and higher conversion rates.
  • Strengthened brand presence in the clinical research industry.

By implementing these changes, CRN can significantly improve its online presence, effectively reach its target audiences, and drive growth through enhanced visibility and engagement.

For a detailed proposal and implementation plan, please contact us at CRN Contact Information.